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Why eBLAIR Solutions?

Results Driven Approach

Digital Strategy

We begin with understanding what kind of results you want to achieve. Do you want to generate sales leads, raise awareness or sell products online? A great site is not defined by design and function, but by effectively achieving the goals you have set for it.

Loads of Experience

Experienced in Technology

We’ve worked with a broad range of IT and web technologies over the past 25 years. Constantly learning new applications, we know how to combine proven principles with new advances that will achieve your goals.

Custom Solutions

Strategic Solutions

Many companies try to fit you into their mold. It's hard to stand apart when you look just like the rest of your market. We want to be a part of your team, not a website vending machine.

English, not Geek!

English not Geek

You shouldn't have to learn a new language to work with your technology team. We're fluent in English and Geek (and know when to use them).


Drew Dinkelacker

Drew Dinkelacker
The Marketing Accelerator

Chris Blair is my CIO (Chief Information Officer) and is integral to guiding and executing multiple strategic internet-based marketing solutions.

Many of my clients have chosen eBLAIR Solutions to support their IT and web initiatives.

I willingly stake my reputation on the services of eBLAIR Solutions.

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